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60 min, $350+

 The Exceed™ medical microneedling device delivers the latest treatment to repair and restore aging skin, naturally. The only clinically-proven + dual FDA approved to dramatically improve facial acne scars and facial wrinkles, the Exceed™ treatment produces excellent results after just 12 weeks. 

Our goal is to MINIMIZE EPIDERMAL TRAUMA. By using 6 of the sharpest medical grade surgical stainless needles we reduce surface tension. Other devices use more needles which actually push the skin down before they penetrate through. This means that you are creating micro-tears through the stratum corneum (upper layer of the epidermis) causing unnecessary trauma leading to increased post-treatment downtime. We are the only company in microneedling that creates a “medical-grade wound” based on materials used, production methods and quality control standards.

Exceed is a state of the art treatment with the following benefits:

  • The ONLY FDA cleared device for 

    facial wrinkles

    . Exceed is the only MEDICAL GRADE device manufactured by a global leader of microneedling and micropigmentation in Berlin, Germany guaranteeing the highest quality engineering for professional use.

  • Flexible Needle Plate: This feature allows the needles to release easier from the skin following penetration. As the handpiece moves laterally during treatment, the needles need to adjust in order to minimize epidermal trauma. All other devices have a FIXED up and down motion that inherently causes scratching(tracking) and more drag felt during treatment by the provider.


  • Micro-Depth Adjustments: The EXCEED provides the most flexibility in settings and ensures overtreatment doesn’t occur. You can adjust the depth of penetration by 0.1mm intervals making sure you only go as deep as you need to. Most other pens have at most 8 depth settings while the EXCEED offers 19 options for depth.


  • Ultra-Low Vibration: The smooth drive in the EXCEED allows for very quiet operation and ultra comfort for the technician. You can finally relax during treatment.

  • Method of Production: We have two ISO certifications for quality manufacturing of our device, and our needle cartridges are assembled in a sterile, clean room. 

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